There are many people who lose their Android mobile and they have no idea as how to find it. You should be aware about methods through which you can find out your lost/stolen Android phone. I have already explained a method in my previous post : Find Android Phone using Android Device Manager. There are number of apps available in Google Play store which you can download and install. If any one of these apps are installed on your Android phone then it will become easy to track,locate and find Android Phone.

Tracking app needs to be preinstalled in your Android smartphone. We are going to explain below as how can you find the phone using different apps available in play store. Different apps offer different features. Ring, Lock and Erase are few common options that you will find in all these apps mentioned below.

I’m going to list some anti-theft apps which you can install on your phone so that you can use them to find your mobile later.

1. Bit-Defender Anti-theft Mobile

As you can see there are many features available in this app. One of them is anti-theft feature through which you can track your phone. The anti-theft feature does few more things which we are listing below :

  1. You will get notifications for SIM card change. The notifications comes on another alternate number given by you.
  2. Through SMS feature, you can force your mobile to call you back.
  3. You can also force your Android Mobile to pick your next call.
  4. Lock and erasing phone memory is another important feature which can be performed with a single click from this app.

You can install a free version of Bitdefender app from Google play store for 30 days after which you need to take paid subscription for the app. The subscription is annual. With so many awesome feature, it’s worth to purchase the app and install it to increase security.

2. Cerberus

Cerberus is another one of the best anti-theft app available in the play market. It gives you few other unique features in order to get your lost/stolen android phone. Let’s look at the some of the top features of this app:

  • It gives you the option to hide the app icon so that thief will never know that you installed some kind of anti-theft app.
  • List of calls made can be retrieved via this app. It’s one of the cool features of this app.
  • Cerberus also allows to turn on the microphone remotely so that you can listen the voice and can guess the person.

The app is free only for first 7 days and then you have to $2.99 which is one time subscription fee.

3. Lookout

Lock is one of the best available apps for finding your stolen/lost phone. It offer few other unique features through which it becomes quite easy to track android phone. Lock is quite famous among younger people. Install the app to test it out. Here are some of the important features of lock app:

  • Whenever phone is turned off, you will receive an email regarding the same.
  • Whenever SIM card is changed in your mobile, you will receive and email for it.
  • Remote Camera Pics feature is there. You can take pics from your Android phone remotely.
  • You can allow the app to send you notifications for many features which are available on it.

While most of the features are free on this app, you have to pay to use some advanced feature. Install the app to check out all the features of LOCK anti-theft app.

4. Prey Anti-theft app

Track Android Phone

Prey is one of best apps which by many people around the globe. Prey is totally free and you can download it from Google Play store. Many of the features of prey are similar to Android Device manager which offer to ring, wipe and lock your mobile remotely. You can access Prey from your laptop also. Let’s look at some of the important features of this app:

  • You can send a custom message on your lost Android phone.
  • Loud alarm can be activated remotely to locate your mobile.
  • Lock and wiping the android mobile feature is there which can be performed remotely.
  • Thief cannot uninstall prey easily. You can activate this feature also which is very important.

There is a whole list of apps claiming to locate and track your Android mobile. Most of these apps use GPS of your phone. Not everyone of them is reliable and hence you should install any one of the above. People face some problems like “Location not available”. It’s happens because there is no internet connection available on the phone when you checked it. You need to wait till phone has internet connection. All the remote action can be performed only when the phone has internet connection.

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